Farewell Flowers

Farewell flowers are a heartfelt way of saying goodbye to loved ones, and can allow us to reflect upon their life. Here at Woodchurch Cottage Flowers we feel honoured when asked to make arrangements or farewell sheaves. We specialise in expressing the essence of your loved ones be they a country lover, a gardener or just having their favourite seasonal cottage flower in an arrangement you know they would love.

Our flowers are a testimonial for the departed, using only natural and eco conscious mechanics.

“Hi Lin, I just want to thank you so much for the most beautiful arrangement you’ve done for Judith’s coffin, it is absolutely perfect, and couldn’t have been better. She would have loved it, and the herbs you managed to add, the colours, the naturalness of it, is utterly perfect. Thank you. And the arrangement you did for me is so thoughtful and gorgeous xxx”